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Advent Day 10

Dec 9, 2019    Luke 8
In chapter ten, Jesus sends out the seventy-two disciples, saying “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” He is teaching them about the judgment that will befall those who reject their message and to fellowship with those who receive them and their message. Jesus tells them that they are experiencing the blessing of and taking part in the incredible opportunity to empirically see what the prophets longed to know (v.23-24)! Next, Jesus engages with a lawyer who believed he could achieve eternal salvation through obedience. Jesus, knowing that perfect obedience to the law was impossible, tells a parable of the Good Samaritan. In the lesson, Jesus reveals that even our obedience doesn’t measure up to God’s perfect standard. He highlights those who, like the lawyer, believe their works are perfect, are far from it. He also illustrates that our “neighbor” is not just people of our own culture or family, but the obvious people who God puts in our path. Don’t miss the greater point that this passage points out all of humanity’s need for a Savior! Lastly, Jesus teaches about the priorities of life and how we should invest our energy, time and all that we have. Ultimately, our focus should always be on things that are eternal. Only two things will go on into eternity – God's Word and God’s people! Questions for Reflection: Think carefully about someone who God has put in your path that you can help. What can you do today to serve or encourage that person, for the glory of God?