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Advent Day 9

Dec 9, 2019    Luke 8
In Chapter Nine, Jesus sends out the disciples giving them authority over demonic activity and the power to heal diseases, which were a result of the Fall. It is important to note that these miracles are what the book of Hebrews refers to as, “They tasted of the good things to come.” Jesus was showing the nation how the future Kingdom would be if the leadership accepted Him. Jesus also feeds the five thousand which was a miracle of creation. There was hardly any food, and when the food ran out, He “ex nihilo” created out of nothing an abundance of food to feed the multitudes – the lesson being that we look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, for our sustenance and the ability to minister to others. Also in this chapter, Jesus takes Peter, John, and James up to the Mount of Transfiguration where He reveals His Glory – which until now had been veiled and would be veiled again – revealing to these three disciples who He really was!! Questions for Reflection: In chapter 9, we see the disciples see something amazing (the transfiguration of Jesus), followed by an inability to cast out a demon from a boy because of their lack of prayer. Reflect on your own life in ways you've seen God work, and ways that you've been self-sufficient. Pray for increased faith to trust God today for all you need.