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June 13 - Concrete, Wood, Landscaping!
June 13th, 2022
We are finally entering our last phase of the project! In the last few weeks, we have seen the concrete pad and supports poured, pavilion framing erected, roofing completed, and so much more! We are looking forward to finalizing the electrical, grading, and landscaping. Thank you, Lord, for ushering us into this final phase and for giving us patience while we wait for supplies. We give You praise ...
February 15 - Plantings
February 16th, 2022
When we started this adventure, I promised you dust, mud, detours, disruption, even delays.  By God's good timing, the delay in beginning our project meant we avoided much of the dust and mud, so we accept ongoing delays as from His hand as well! We have completed many things in this project, including the grading and drainage, entrance sidewalks and back steps, and the first phase of ......
November 13 - Groundbreaking
November 16th, 2021
We are very grateful, and pleased, to report that we now have movement on our Grace Pavilion project!  We received our final grading permit this week and equipment has been moved onto the site!  You will now begin to see things begin to change with the removal of trees, bushes and sidewalks on the north side of our building. Underground drainage will be installed and fill dirt will be brought up t...
September 25 - Waiting on Sitework
September 24th, 2021
We have now officially entered the fall season, and our desire was to have the pavilion project well underway, if not approaching completion.  But the timing of our plan was obviously not aligned with God’s plan for our progress.I write this to encourage us all to not be discouraged with the lack of visible progress that has been made.  Behind the scenes, Jason and the team have made many connecti...
July 25 - Permits and Patience
July 24th, 2021
No dust (or mud) yet, but we are actively progressing with the plans for our new Grace Pavilion.  We continue to work with the City of Marietta to secure our Land Disturbance Permit (LDP).  We have received questions from the City, but so far no concerns about our project.We continue to interview contractors for the various phases of construction.  And we continue to work on and refine the many de...



Pray that God would prepare our hearts and the hearts of the community for opportunities for how He wants to glorify His Name through the Pavilion and the Playground at GCC.


To build the Pavilion and renovate the Playground,  we need financial support. We are stepping out in faith to make this dream a reality and ask that you consider giving generously. After praying and deciding what amount you would like to give, the next step is to click the "Make Your Pledge Here" button below to make your confidential pledge (or commitment)  to the Pavilion & Playground Project. Or you can fill out a hard copy Pledge Card and drop it by the church office. The deadline to communicate your commitment pledge is June 6th. 


Let us look for opportunities to connect and build relationships. If you are part of a Life Group, make plans to meet at the pavilion. If the Men of Grace want to host a cookout, let's do it under the pavilion. If you want to plan play dates, meet at the new playground! Be present, get involved in each other's lives, build relationships and continue to spread the good news of Jesus to everyone!


Q: Why are we building a pavilion? Don't we already have two picnic shelters?
A: The two current picnic shelters serve the purpose of small gatherings of fellowship. The new pavilion, however, will be able to host 180 people for gatherings such as worship services, weddings, Bible Studies, Men's retreats, Women's picnics, etc. Additionally, it will provide a covered space for large children and youth activities, including Wednesday night ministry games, Kids Camp dining, and outdoor outreach events.
Q: Why do we need to renovate the playground? Isn't it in working condition?
A: The existing playground equipment and play areas have worn through time.  Specific pieces on the existing equipment need to be replaced or reconditioned.  Also, the layout of the existing play equipment needs to be organized to bring it up to current safety standards as well as ADA compliance.  The new play surface within a newly fenced in area will provide safety, keep maintenance for the area to a minimum, and give the area a new aesthetic appeal.
Q: Will this capital campaign have an adverse effect on our general budget and ongoing ministries?
A: Our current giving to the General Budget is consistent, solid and strong. During this pandemic period, we have made multiple efforts to adjust any expenses that were impacted by the reduced activity and use of resources. The Elders are asking that the funds given to support this campaign be funds that are above and beyond the normal tithes and offerings that you are currently giving.  You are being asked to prayerfully consider how much to support this campaign and to step out in faith to make it a reality.  Since these funds should be above and beyond our normal giving there should not be an adverse impact our general budget.
Q: What is the difference between a pledge and a donation?
A: The difference between a pledge and a donation is that a pledge is your communication of your promise or intention to give, while a donation is the act of actually giving a contribution. We are asking everyone to take some time from now until June 6 to pray and consider the amount they plan to give . The deadline to fill out and complete your Pledge is June 6, at which time the elders will determine if we have the funds committed and pledged to move forward with all or a portion of the project. In other words, from now until June 6 is a time of prayer, discernment, and decision, during which time you may communicate your Pledge at anytime up until June 6. Actual giving toward the project, however, will not begin until after June 6. Therefore, anytime from now until June 6 when you are ready to communicate your confidential pledge, please click on the link below or turn in your Pledge Card at the church building.  Our progress together will be updated each Sunday morning.
Q: How much should I give?
A: The answer to this question is different for each of us, and ultimately it is between you and the Lord. The accomplishment of this project will only be by God's grace and His provision. Proverbs 16:9 states that "The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps."  We are depending on Him for the resources and trusting in Him to establish our steps.

In terms of how the Lord might accomplish this endeavor through us, one possible scenario is listed below. We are asking that you consider what part of the whole the Lord is moving in your heart to give (Exodus 25:2).


Team Leader: Jason Reiner
Team Committee: David Fites, Denny Burton, Josh Winter, Jeff Fincher,
David Fortier, Doug Spickler
Financial Accounting: Kathleen Tubbs, Mike Snow

To watch presentation of the Pavilion and Playground Project, click on video above.