Pastor John Harris

John serves as the Lead Pastor with primary responsibilities in preaching, worship and leadership development. He grew up in eastern North Carolina and attended North Carolina State University where he met his wife Patti. After they were married in 1990, John attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Divinity in 1992.

After serving as Youth Pastor in Raleigh, NC from ’94 to ’98, the Lord moved John and Patti, along with their two children Courtney and Jackson, to Marietta to serve as Worship Pastor at GCC. In 2003, John accepted the role of Lead Pastor in which he provides leadership and oversight to the staff, elders and church body.

John’s passion is to help others live a gospel-centered life so that the glory of God may be revealed through His church. His enjoyments in life include a fresh cup of coffee made with his French Press, chillin’ at the beach with a C.S. Lewis book, and eating out at a good restaurant with friends.

Jon Schock

A North Dakota native, Jon was born and raised in the midwest. He received his undergraduate degree in Broadcasting and Bible from Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN, in 1994. Following that, Jon moved to Annapolis, MD, to work at a Christian Camp, where he met his wife, Diana.

Following several years of working in camp ministry together, Jon and Diana moved to Marietta in 2006, and shortly thereafter began to attend Grace. In 2008, Jon was asked to come on staff to minister to the families of Grace through the youth, college students, and young adults of the church. Jon received his Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in May of 2013.

Jon and Diana have 4 children – Jake, Maiella, Olivia, and Luke. Jon loves the outdoors, a good movie, and popcorn (no butter).

Pablo Cabrera

Pablo was born November 27, 1969 in Quito, Ecuador. My father, Rev. Jorge Cabrera was a pastor of “El Mesías Prometido” Christian church for over 35 years until the day he died in 1999. Since I was a young boy, I served in the church with my father. When I was ten years old I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I was baptized a week later. My father joined Irina and I in Holy Matrimony September 30th 1994. I then became Deacon of “El Mesías Prometido” serving the Lord through Sunday School, Sunday preaching, Renacimiento Christian band, and “Renacimiento” Sporting Soccer Club.

In 2000, right after my father past away, I felt the call to work for the Hispanic community in Georgia-USA. We got our religious visa, which was valid for 3 years, and started working with a small Hispanic mission. On the 3rd day of June 2001 I was ordained as a Pastor to be able to preach the gospel in this great Nation but after a couple months the mission was unable to continue supporting me as assistant Pastor so we decided not to burden the people but to trust the Lord. We found out that we would lose our legal status if we did not get another sponsor within 3 months. We were in a tight spot, jobless, two months pregnant and all by ourselves, however we were ready to leave the country if that was the Lord’s will for us. To be able to work in this country not only have we had to adapt to it, but our faith has had to be put to the test on many occasions.

But then, God provided angels in our path. We had met David Reese four months before and he invited us to Grace. We immediately fell in love with the people, the building, and the grounds. David invested his time and his efforts in us. He introduced us to Pastor John, Mike O’Day and Steve Bible. I shared with them our vision for the Hispanic ministry within the American church and after a series of meetings, interviews and paperwork I was offered a position as the Hispanic Pastor. Right on time!!!

Now at GCC our mission is to inspire and equip the body to help Hispanics (our local mission field) to love God and love people and become passionate followers of Jesus Christ all to the glory of God.

Working at GCC has been both a blessing and a great challenge to us. It has not been easy to work far from home in a country with a different culture and language but all my friends and brothers at GCC have done a wonderful job of making us feel at home.

Donna Willett

Donna originally hails from Birmingham, AL, and considers it a blessing that she was able to grow up in a strong Christian home. Her family lived out their faith at home and rejoiced when she became a believer at age seven. After completing 12 years at a private, Christian School, Donna moved on to the University of Montevallo where she studied History and English.

Donna met her husband Ken in 1992, and she moved to Atlanta where they were married. They have been blessed with two children, Ryan, Ken’s adult son from his previous marriage – and Lindsay who is now an active college student in the Young Adult Ministry. Donna and Ken began attending a local church where they became highly involved in various ministries. Donna soon felt called to Children’s Ministry and took over the leadership in that area in 2002.

They moved to GCC in 2005, where Donna soon after was asked to join the staff as the Assistant Children’s Ministry Director. In 2008, she was asked to move into the Family Ministry role of ministering to families with children from birth to sixth grade where she continues until today.

Donna loves curling up with a good book, enjoying a good meal with friends and traveling with her family.