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Week 1 - Day 1

Big Idea: God’s champions run with their faith!
Bible Memory Verse: 1 Corinthians 9:24 “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”

Coach’s Corner: The Olympics have many different sports events. In the Summer Games there are events such as running races, weight lifting, swimming and diving, and even horseback riding. Since there are so many sports, some events that were included long ago are no longer part of the Olympics today. One of them is tug-of-war. It was an event in the Olympics over 100 years ago. Tug-of-war was even part of the ancient Olympic Games held in Greece many, many, many years ago. In this sport, there were eight athletes on each team. One team had to pull the other team six feet forward to be the winner. If after five minutes no team had done this, the team that pulled the farthest was declared the winner.

As God’s children, we are happy knowing that when we get in a serious tug-of-war in our lives, God is always pulling on our side.

Today we learned about Caleb and how his faith and that of his friend Joshua set them apart from the other spies sent out to search the land. Twelve spies were sent out and they saw exactly what God had promised: a beautiful land, “flowing with milk and honey!” It was indeed perfect. But ten of the spies were frightened by the people of the land and turned against their leaders. Not only that, but convinced pretty much of the Israelites to do the same! Caleb proved to be God’s champion by living out or running with his faith!

Missions: Ask your kids what they learned about India today and how they are becoming prayer ChAMPS by praying for:
Around the world
People who don’t know Jesus
Send me

Service Project: Our week-long service project is to raise funds to send a missionary from Colombia, South America, to serve in the Middle East. They are bringing home boxes to collect money they earn. Encourage them to earn money by doing chores and odd jobs for your family, friends, and neighbors, as you feel comfortable. We want the children to see how they can be used by God even at their young ages. Money may be brought in any day, and will be counted up on Friday. They may keep their boxes at home, though. Cabins will be competing to see who raises the most!

Games Fun: Today we had fun with an obstacle course!
For tomorrow: Bring bathing suit and towel.

Menu:  hot dog

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