Children's Ministries

Family Centered Ministry

We offer help and support as you navigate these Foundational years and endeavor to pass on your faith to your children. We provide an adult Sunday School class called the Faith Legacy Path that tracks along with what your children are learning each week and gives you strategies for having conversations with your children at home. In addition to this, we provide weekly family activities that you can do at home that correspond to the lesson that is taught on Sunday morning. We also offer parenting support through classes and online materials. We offer regular gatherings for families throughout the year so that they can come together in fellowship and support during this stage of life.

Tiny Treasures

(Birth – 2 Years)

Our goal as we partner with you at this age is to provide excellent, safe and loving care to your baby or toddler. We will be the arms, laps, hands and smiles of Jesus, making your child feel secure and significant as they have their first experience in the church family.

The Tiny Treasures Nursery Team takes its responsibility seriously. We believe that we are not “just babysitting” but are laying foundations of love and trust by telling our littlest ones that God loves them and so do we. This is done by screening and training workers, meeting basic needs and loving interaction through play, music and Bible stories.

Grace Kids, Jr

(2 Years – Kindergarten)

For children ages two-Kindergarten, we offer an interactive teaching environment that engages the children at their age level as they are taught by loving, experienced, screened teachers. During these 4 years, the children are led through the entire Bible story narrative, with a focus on God’s redemptive plan for us. In order to insure the best retention, the children are taught the same story during the Sunday school and worship hours each week using different hands on activities, toys, games and music.

Grace Kids

(1st – 4th Grades)

For children in 1st-4th grades we offer both a Sunday School small group learning environment and a Large Group/Small group worship environment. Our 9:30 am Sunday school classes are taught by loving, experienced teachers who lead the children through the Bible Story narrative, with a focus on God’s redemptive plan for us. The classes are small, interactive and relational to best help them connect with their teacher and one another.

During the 11 am service hour, children begin the time in family worship with their parents. Before the sermon, they are dismissed for an age appropriate teaching time. During this time, we take the opportunity to teach on broader topics like the Names of God, Spiritual Disciplines, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Armor of God, the Beatitudes and others. We take two weeks with each lesson, the first week being a large group teaching time, and the next a small group environment where the topic is gone into more deeply.

In addition to our Sunday morning programs, we offer kid’s only events throughout the year.


(5th & 6th Grades)

Sunday Mornings: We recognize that children at this age are beginning to ask “Why” Questions. During these years for our Sunday school teaching time, we move from the Narrative study of the Bible to the study of Doctrines to help children understand what we believe, and why we believe it. We also know that children this age are eager to serve. We provide them with the opportunity during our 11 am service to serve as leaders in our Praisezone program, with a small group to delve more deeply into the topical studies. When they enter 6th grade, they also have the opportunity to begin to serve as student helpers in our preschool and nursery classrooms.

Outside of Sunday morning: On the first Sunday of each month, we offer a special time of food, teaching and fun called PowerSurge. We take this time to grapple with topics that are relevant to the kids. For instance, how does my faith affect my choices in friends, media and music?

Throughout the year we offer various times that the kids can come together and serve our church and the community.