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February 15 - Plantings

Grace family,

When we started this adventure, I promised you dust, mud, detours, disruption, even delays.  By God's good timing, the delay in beginning our project meant we avoided much of the dust and mud, so we accept ongoing delays as from His hand as well!

We have completed many things in this project, including the grading and drainage, entrance sidewalks and back steps, and the first phase of landscaping between the building and the sidewalk.  We hope to have the new plantings in the ground no later than mid-March.

One delay involved the building permit from the City of Marietta.  We were unaware that we, as owner, could not submit a permit request but needed to retain a licensed commercial general contractor.  Through a way we did not expect, God provided a willing contractor who is a believer and "just happens" to live in the same neighborhood as two of our members.  He is working with the City, and we hope to be able to make our permit application in the near future.  Once that is secured, we are ready to construct the foundations and erect the pavilion!  While there is still much to do, we know many ministries are already getting excited to make use of it!

Your continued prayers for wisdom, God's blessing on our efforts and the furtherance of His Kingdom is very much appreciated. Please look at the sample picture below of what our pavilion will look like.
In His Service,
Jason Reiner